Crosman Phantom .177 caliber 495 FPS



Introducing the precision and power of the Crosman Phantom .177 Caliber Air Rifle, featuring:

    • Break Barrel Action: Quick and easy shooting with effortless cocking.
    • Lightweight Synthetic Stock: Easy handling for all-day shooting comfort.
    • Adjustable Fiber Optic Sights: Enhanced visibility for precise aiming in any lighting.
    • Rifled Steel Barrel: Consistent and accurate shots with every trigger pull.
    • 495 FPS Velocity: Powerful performance for target shooting and pest control.
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Introducing the Crosman Phantom .177 Caliber Air Rifle, delivering power, precision, and reliability for your shooting adventures. With a velocity of up to 495 feet per second (FPS), this air rifle packs a punch, making it ideal for target shooting, pest control, and small game hunting.

Designed with accuracy in mind, the Crosman Phantom features a rifled steel barrel that ensures consistent and precise shots with every trigger pull. Whether you’re honing your marksmanship skills or hitting bullseyes in competition, this rifle provides the performance you need to excel.

Crafted for durability and comfort, the Phantom boasts a synthetic stock that is both lightweight and weather-resistant, allowing you to confidently tackle any shooting environment. Its ergonomic design offers a comfortable grip and easy handling, ensuring maximum control and stability for improved accuracy.

Equipped with a break barrel action, the Crosman Phantom offers effortless cocking and smooth shooting, enhancing your overall shooting experience. Additionally, the adjustable fiber optic sights provide excellent visibility in various lighting conditions, allowing you to aim with precision and confidence.

Perfect for shooters of all skill levels, the Crosman Phantom .177 Caliber Air Rifle combines power, accuracy, and reliability in a sleek and versatile package. Whether you’re a seasoned marksman or a beginner enthusiast, elevate your shooting experience with the Crosman Phantom.

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