Rack Stacker Hunting Products

Canada’s Leading Big Game Attractants

We carry a very large selection of Rack Stacker hunting products.

Rack Stacker is known for being Canada’s leader in big game attractants for hunting and both our loyal customers and our stuff have been using their products for years and love it.

Colt, a long time employee at the store has been using ther ‘Blaze’ Mineral for years now and has had lots of deer, big and small, visit his mineral stump for several years until last year when the deer had eaten so much of the stump that the stump came out of the ground.

Other store favorites are the protein block, which works great for keeping deer healthy and for attracting them year round, as well as the black bear munchies and the Walk n Toss food plot seed.

For more information on these great products, visit us in store, or view their website at: https://www.rackstacker.ca/